Travel and Amenities on Myrtos Beach

Travel and Amenities on Myrtos Beach
A well-made steep winding road, about two km in length and with hairpin bends, leads down to the beach from the village of Divarata.

During the high tourist season in the summer, the Municipality of Travel and Amenities runs a public bus service (Nos 3 & 6) to and from Myrtos Beach, which departs from the harbour area in Agia Efimia. The Timetables can be found from Tourist Information offices in Agia Efimia and may be found online. The bus stops on the road leading down to the beach, leaving a five minute walk down. There is a small bus shelter to keep out of the sun when waiting to return. Most people seem to arrive by car rather than public transport.

At the end of the road, car parking is located immediately at the base of the cliffs at the edge of the beach Modernization is ongoing and a system is developing where people arriving turn right onto a new track at the end of the road, leading down to the beach. Once on the beach, to leave, people turn left and come back up an older track.

There is a single beach bar serving drinks and light snacks. There are several Tavernas at the top of the road which leads down to the beach in the village of Divarata, and many people choose to eat here, having spent time on the beach. Others choose to drive further and eat at Assos.

Beach loungers and umbrellas are for hire.
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