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There is plenty of choice of accommodation in Myrtos including luxury Myrtos hotels, smaller hotels in Myrtos and Myrtos apartments, studios and rooms to rent.  Although Myrtos offers several options for accommodation, there is also camping in nearby Tertsa village. The road from Myrtos to Tertsa is worth taking for the scenery alone, with groves of tamarisk trees growing alongside the road. Don't forget to visit our Cretan Village Shop where you can buy a range of Crete books and maps of Crete. We stock a small handpicked collection of Crete books that are not available through Amazon and will be hard to find outside of Crete itself. They cover subjects such as Crete guide books and maps, the Samaria Gorge, Wild Flowers of Crete, Horta and the Cretan Diet cookery recipes. 

4 Star

Kastro Studios Apartments

$84 Kastro Studios Apartments

Ierapetra - Arkalochoriou Road, 72056 Myrtos

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