Drogarati Cave

Drogarati Cave
Speleologists say that the cave is 150 million years old. Despite partial damage by earthquakes, the polychrome stalactities hanging from the roof like curtains still remain in the large underground chamber which is 37 meteres below ground.
As water filters through, drops slowly solidify. The red coloured formations are from the iron content in the rock and the white from chalk and limestone.

The second part of the cave is accessible for tourists and is sometimes used for cultural events. A right hand corridor leads first to the Royal Balcony with its translucent stalagmites. From there you can see the Chamber of Exaltation with its marvelous acoustics from above. This area can accommodate an audience of 500. Turning back into the corridor you walk between tall multi-coloured columns and a small lake. To the right is a knot of stalagmites on the higher level which is reserved for performers.

There is a spectacular view from the top or balcony of the cave. Musicians can be seated along the cavity of a rock. The temperature is at a constant of 18 degrees C throughout the year and there is a plentiful supply of oxygen.

Considered the most impressive caves in Greece and is the only one with such a large room (dimensions 65 x 45 and height 20 meters) and most suitable for spilaiotherapeia. Drogarati cave is a "live", and continues to create, with drops falling everywhere from the stalagmites and of course must not in any way disturbing drops are ready to fall because they destroy so the cave which dates back over 100 million years! A stalactite grows about one centimeter every hundred years! The hall, decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, has excellent acoustics and is especially designed for concerts with a special platform! The two most important and largest caves are Cave and Cave Agkalaki Zervati. To visit the cave to get off specially designed stairs! The cave is open to the public every day until 8 pm.
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