Historical and Folk Art Museum

Historical and Folk Art Museum
The Historical and Folk Art Museum of Rethymno was founded in 1973 with the aim to collect and study the folklore material of Rethymno.
It is housed in a Venetian urban dwelling of the 17th century listed as a monument with conservatory status and located in 28-30 Vernardou road.

The dwelling has two floors and an inner court. With its beautiful architecture, it is a sight itself. The museum’s collections were bought or donated. They include woven textiles, weaving tools, embroidery, lacework, pottery, handmade baskets, metal work, coins, traditional costumes, relics etc.

There is also a room dedicated to traditional ways of cultivation and traditional bread making and a room dedicated to traditional trades. The exhibits are demonstrated in thematic sections and are accompanied by texts in Greek and in English and photographs, meeting the standards of modern Museology.

An excellent attractions providing a well-rounded overview of rural life in Crete, many years ago, the Historical and Folk Art Museum contains everything from weaved baskets and old clothes, to farming equipment and various other tools. Each of the exhibits are extremely well organised and labelled in English, allowing you to really make the most of your visit.
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